Dark Paradise

I haven’t seen him for ever , and in one day we are going back to school . So i am worried that everything goes down and that I still … still love him. Right now I know that I don’t and that I mooved on , I mean I had all summer to deal with that but I never faced him and the last Time I did I was in love so yeah I am affraid of my own feeling toward this Guy . He has a power over me I don’t really know how it Goes or how he does it but when I see he just looks like the perfect Guy the one you stare at for a long and when he sees you blush and all and you’re like having a party in your head and trying to act normal , but after that you remember . Remember that this is the same guy that broke your heart , the one that played with like a toy and then threw you away , so yeah I don’t know what feeling Will show up when I’ll see him : love , hate , sadness , happiness or nothing at all .


Spencer had never been more nervous in her life. All it took was the look on her face to wipe the worry away. He looked at her as if he had found his purpose in life, as if he’d found his salvation. The slight parting of his lips, the astonishment in his eyes, as if he was looking at her for the first time. Spencer felt herself smiling softly, and knew, that it was going to be alright. This was just the beginning of their happily ever after.